Something I read recently caught me by surprise. It was something mentioned in passing, ‘tucked away’ in a much bigger message about a completely different subject. But, in that moment of reading, it was like catching sight of a hidden gem. Here it is:

“You were well aware that the…

Several years ago, my Dutch nephew, who lives in the U.K and was studying theology at the time, recommended a book by a Filipino pastor. Intrigued by the title, as well as the route of the recommendation, I got hold of a copy and read it.

‘It’s OK to be…

Easter 2021 feels like an Easter as no other, doesn’t it? Yes, this time last year we were also in a pandemic, but today I think we are in a very different place than Easter 2020. I don’t mean physically, though that, for some of us, has been precisely the…

My mother’s phone call had just brought the news: My father had suffered a severe heart attack and was in hospital recovering. Emergency over, my mother had reassured me. Despite my repeated offers to come over, she insisted there was no need to make the trip from Amsterdam to Newcastle…

Overlooking Manila, the Philippines; another city destined to be exposed by the virus?

New York’s experience may well be a warning to us all — of what is to come in our different parts of the world: The pandemic is the ‘Great Exposer’ of the grim reality of our inequalities…

Currently journalists have the crucial role of doing what good writers always do…


erupting into
focus innermost
inner most innermost
parallel universes out there
flipsiding see imploding
effervescence layers
of essence worlds
awaiting in

‘Lines’ reflects on the wonder of the physical universe: as beautiful as it is in its immensity, how incredible it is in the minuscule, and hints at the journey within — to an endless universe.

First published in
Genre: Urban Arts

Words : Ann Wijgerden
Pictures : @LuisDanielTabuena
#SpokenWordArc #Quarantine2020

There’s a lot of fear around. Understandably so. Fear holds us back from harm, fear waves its arms frantically in front of our faces, so we don’t walk into danger. We stay at home because we’re afraid of getting sick, of spreading the virus. …

The growl of morning traffic could just be heard on the town’s main road to Manchester. Heavy glass doors made the Roman columned foyer an effective noise barrier for the carpeted inner sanctum, where Lucy sat on her squat stool, facing the last row of 800s. She checked her watch…

Ann van Wijgerden

Working for an NGO in the Philippines, having a go at life, imperfections, hilarity, glory n' all.

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